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Construction Company

Akwesasne Earth Movers 

on the Saint Regis Mohawk Territory

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Akwesasne Earth Movers Construction Company

Our Mission is to provide high quality diversified construction options utilizing our unique cross border capabilities.

About us

Akwesasne Earth Movers Construction Company is situated on the Saint Regis Mohawk Territory which straddles the U.S and Canada Border on the St.Lawrence River. This creates a unique situation that allows us to utilize cross border opportunities to increase our project size. The closeness of the proximity to the St.Lawrence led to the branching out of our marine unit and adds to our portfolio a whole other level of performance and services we offer.

We have been in business since September 2012 and are an Akwesasne family owned and operated company providing quality commercial construction, residential construction, excavation services, water and sewer services and marine capabilities. We are proud to employ members of the Akwesasne Community including 18 employees, a Senior Construction Manager and administrative assistant. This comprises our 100% highly experienced all native staff.

Our large project base has allowed us to expand the amount of our available on hand equipment. This allows us to be more diverse in the amount of projects we can efficiently handle at one time.

We pride ourselves on providing fast, efficient quality services to our clients.